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Dana Patel Photography is an authentic view on the beauty of world around.​


Dana Patel has had a profound interest in different forms of visual art and a deep appreciation for creativity. These are attributions to her style of work that allows her to see the details and beauty of small moments.​ 


Dana is the 2021 Discover Zambia Takeover winner and nominee for the 2022 Photographer of the Year for the Zambia's Personality of the Year Awards. Her work can be found in both local and international publications. 


Dana Patel Photography is a well-known brand for photography and creative inspiration with an ever-growing community of followers globally. 



Her mission is to capture the small moments and make them last a lifetime. Its to transport you back to the moment and re-experience the way you felt that day.


It is to capture an honest view in a beautiful way. 


A photograph allows us to freeze moments that can never be replaced and reflect on how it made us feel on that day, during that time.

Photos are our physical memories. 

Her vision is to inspire others, to celebrate people and places, and to remember moments that we may never get again in the truest and most authentic way.

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